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Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal Wins Sexual Harassment Case

Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal, the actress who played Mrs. Roshan Sodhi in the popular Indian sitcom "Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah" for 15 years, left the show in 2023. This happened after she accused the show's producer, Asit Modi, of sexual harassment and mental harassment.

Taking Legal Action

In 2023, Jennifer decided to take legal action against Asit Modi and two other people, Sohil Ramani and Jatin Ramani. She filed a police report (FIR) against them.

Court Victory

Recent reports show that Jennifer won the court case. The court found Asit Modi guilty and ordered him to pay her a total of Rs 25-30 lakh (around $31,000-$37,000 USD). This amount includes the money she claims he owes her for working on the show and the compensation for the harassment she faced.

The court also ordered Asit Modi to pay an additional Rs 5 lakh (around $6,200 USD) specifically as compensation for the harassment. It's important to note that the court did not find Sohil Ramani and Jatin Ramani guilty, so they don't have to pay Jennifer anything.

Speaking Out

Jennifer celebrated her court victory on social media. She posted a message on Instagram that talked about good winning over evil.

The Accusations

In May 2023, Jennifer first made her accusations public. She said that Asit Modi and other people involved in making the show had sexually harassed her at work. She shared a video on Instagram where she warned them about their behavior.

Jennifer also spoke to the media about the situation. She said that Asit Modi had made inappropriate comments and advances towards her many times. She said she was afraid to speak up before because she worried she would lose her job, but she couldn't stay silent anymore.


Jennifer Bansiwal bravely spoke out about the harassment she faced and won her court case. This case highlights the importance of holding people accountable for sexual harassment in the workplace.

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