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Vijay Varma and Tamannaah Bhatia are a popular couple in Bollywood, the Indian film industry. They have been open about their relationship and recently Vijay shared how they met.

Even though they worked on the movie "Lust Stories 2" together, they didn't start dating during filming. There was supposed to be a wrap party after filming ended, but not many people showed up. Vijay says this is when he first asked Tamannaah to hang out more. It took about three weeks after that for them to go on their first date.

"Lust Stories 2" is a movie from 2023. It's part of a series of short films all connected by the theme of love and relationships. This was the second movie in the series. There are four parts to the movie, each directed by a different filmmaker. It has a big cast including other famous actors like Kajol and Neena Gupta. The movie came out on Netflix in June of 2023.

Vijay has also talked about how his feelings about dating someone in the film industry changed after meeting Tamannaah. He used to think he wouldn't date an actress, but he now sees the benefits of being with someone who understands the business.

He says her experience in the industry helps him a lot. She can give him a different perspective on things, especially when he's feeling down about something he said in an interview.

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