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Imlie spoiler: Imlie gives Stunning reply to Anu

 Imli spoiler:

In the upcoming serial of Imli, Anu will call Imlie an ill-conceived kid and attempt to affront her.

The current story of Imlie rotates around the Tripathi family and all visitors getting a charge out of outfit party by sprucing up like popular Bollywood characters.

Further, Anu becomes enraged at Imlie for demolishing Malini's Mehandi and attempts to slap her however Aryan secures her and cautions Anu against offending his staff.

Presently according to the upcoming bits of Imlie serial, Anu will call Imlie a stepsister of Malini and jab her and would trust that Imlie will answer to her inquiries.

Further, Imlie clarifies that she trusts in real life yet not in response.

We should perceive how Anu will respond to Imli's slapping replies in the upcoming story of Imli.

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