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Aamir Khan  is a well-known and renowned Bollywood actor. He has a massive fan-following in India. He is best known for his acting. At the same time, he is known for his controversies as well.

He is a prominent and successful Indian actor with a net worth of $225 million. Aamir Khan is a filmmaker, actor, producer, and writer best known for his award-winning films “Raja Hindustani” and “Lagaan”. Mr. Perfectionist is his nickname.

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For the unversed, he doesn’t charge any fee for his films. Yes, you read it right! We are not kidding. Mr. Perfectionist has been in Bollywood for close to 2 decades with a number of hits.

Did you know? Aamir Khan doesn’t charge any fee for his films? Read Details

As per Hindustan Times, Aamir has a business model through which he does not earn before a movie hits the screens. During an interview, he had opened up that he stopped charging money upfront. In fact, he confessed that he doesn’t charge even a single rupee for his films.

In a 2018 interview, he shared: “I’ve stopped taking money upfront. I don’t charge a single rupee for my films. If a film does well, first the investment is recouped. When everyone is paid and the cost is recovered, I earn a percentage in profits. So if a film doesn’t work, I won’t make money. But no one should suffer a loss, I feel responsible for that.”

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He further added: “He explained: “The model that I work on is, let’s say a film costs INR 100 crore to make. So all the cost involved – cast, crew, production – I don’t take any money. When the film releases, at that point I get zero money. As it starts to earn money, it goes towards the P&A (prints and advertising), which is over and above the INR 100 crore.

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Then, the investment is paid back. Now, the producer has recovered his cost. And then, I go into the percentage of profits. There is no way the producer loses any money. So if the film sustains a loss, I don’t get paid. The first rupee I earn is when the costs have been recovered.”

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