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What is so exceptional about short films in a country that's crazy about full-length feature films with added tadka?

With original ideas, fresh faces, compelling stories and lesser resources, these young film makers are making a stronger impact than ever before. 

These concept driven films that aren't star-studded prove that you don't need bigger resources to convey your art, rather just an eye for stories. 

We have delved into the internet and found 10 lesser known short films which will assure you that the future of film making is in the right hands. 

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1. Synced

Many stories connect but some stories weave together. Synced is tale of heartbreak enclosed in the notes of music. We never know if strangers can relate to us, perhaps some of our lives just happen to be in sync?

2. Neeyat 

All of our instincts about people are not always correct. Neeyat is the story of a young girl who encounters a strange man as she travels late at night in an empty train but what happens after she discovers his true intentions? 

3. Dar-Guzar 

Sometimes it's essential ​for us to acknowledge and forgive ourselves for the things we hold against us. Dar-guzar is primarily a conversation between misery and hope, two conflicting facets inside the protagonist himself. 

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4. Doosri Kaksha 

As a little boy takes the bus to school every day, he makes a friend by exchanging messages on the back of the bus seat. Doosri Kaksha will do nothing but make you realise that 2nd graders are better at having conversations than many of us adulting!

5. Cookies 

Cookies will give us a nostalgic ride to our childhood when our grand ma's handmade delicacies were to die for. This film depicts love, anxiety and even fear as this granny knows how to complement sweetness with spice as needed. 

6. Jonathan

Indecisiveness is common. But what if it's shown in a sarcastic light, using Wes Anderson's framing? Jonathan always uses algorithms and patterns to weave his way through tough decisions. But how long will it hold up for him?

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7. Lottery 

Lottery is a story of 2 friends in a room, testing their luck to win a lottery being hooked to the radio. There are far too many happenings in this 5-minute film that is jam-packed with entertainment. Check it out!

8. Phantom 

Kids have crazy imagination. Follow a young spy as he attempts to fight the evil witch and safeguard his innocence in the mysterious yet deadly realm of Phantom.

9. Mehsoos 

Life is something we all experience, but how many of us feel it? We are involved with so many people in our lives, and we want the ones we care about to be with us forever. Mehsoos will remind you of the people who were your reason to embark on the adventure called life.

10. Handbreak

Sometimes a break is all we need or else life will give us a sudden jerk that will cause undue worry. Handbreak essentially conveys-  don't take life too seriously, or else it will end up taking you seriously.

Which film from the above list got you absolutely stunned?

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