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Superstars are referred to as such for a reason. Everything about them is’super,’ from their lifestyle to their level of enjoyment, and that includes the money they earn for their hard work. Here are seven Southern superstars with a devoted following, along with a comparison of how much money they charge per film:

1. Allu Arjun | Allu Arjun Charges For A movie | how much Allu Arjun charge for a movie

The Pushpa superstar, who is notorious for charging between Rs 20 crore and Rs 22 crore each film, was paid roughly Rs 60 crore for both portions of Pushpa. According to recent reports, he could earn more than a hundred crore for his upcoming project alongside Atlee.

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2.  Mahesh Babu | Mahesh Babu Charges For A movie | how much Mahesh Babu charge for a movie

The Prince of Tollywood, who has a large fan base, is said to command a film budget of roughly Rs 55 crore. However, according to recent sources, he has boosted his income to almost Rs 80 crores!

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3. Ram Charan | Ram Charan Charges For A movie | how much Ram Charan charge for a movie

Tollywood’s megastar was believed to charge roughly Rs 35 crore each film. He increased his rates with RRR and got paid roughly Rs 43 crores. He has, however, joined the 100-crore club, and his next big project with Gautam Tinnanuri would pay him more than Rs 100 crores.

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4. Jr NTR | Jr NTR Charges For A movie | how much Jr NTR charge for a movie

The Tollywood star rose through the ranks. Years ago, he was paid roughly Rs 4 lakh for his debut film, and he was reputed to charge around Rs 12 crore every film, along with a share of the revenues. Jr NTR’s remuneration have also increased as a result of RRR, and he now receives roughly Rs 45 crore every production.

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5. Prabhas | Prabhas Charges For A movie | how much Prabhas charge for a movie

The Baahubali star is well-known and has been riding the 100-crore wave for quite some time. For Adipursh, he gets paid over Rs 150 crores, while for Spirit, he is given over Rs 125 crore.

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6. Vijay Deverakonda | Vijay Deverakonda Charges For A movie | how much vijay devarakonda charge for a movie

Fans are ecstatic to see Arjun Reddy in Liger, as he has managed to become everyone’s favourite. He was paid more than Rs 5 lakh for his first picture, but 14 films later, he is reportedly requesting more than Rs 10 crore per film.


7. Thalapathy Vijay | Thalapathy Vijay Charges For A Film

Thalapathy Vijay, one of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry, was previously paid over Rs 80 crore for his last film, and according to recent estimates, his upcoming film, Beast, will earn him over Rs 120 crores.

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