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Bollywood parties are full of glitz and glamour and most of our favorite celebrities are known to be party animals. Just last week, on an episode of Koffee With Karan 7, Kareena Kapoor Khan had stated, “You just do your shots and dance to your own Hindi songs.” Well, here’s a look at some stars who got snapped in their drunken avatars after they had one too many drinks.

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Katrina Kaif
While Katrina does not battle alcoholism like her character in Zero, she does enjoy an occasional drink. In this picture, we can see Karan Johar helping her walk after one too many pegs.Also Read: Watch These 5 Movies Before Saying ‘Bollywood Can’t Make Nail-Biting Suspense Thrillers’
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Hrithik Roshan
The actor was known as a teetotaler for the longest time. However, his eyes and the bottle in his hands tell a different story in this old snap.Also Read:10 Popular ‘Adipurush’ Dialogues Ranked From Bad To Worse
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Ranbir Kapoor
A few years ago, Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor admitted that he has a tendency to drink a lot. While he steers clear of alcohol while working and shooting, he does enjoy drinking at parties and family gatherings like we can see in this pic.Also Read: Seeing the photoshoot of the 90s, you too will be laughing so hard.
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Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh
When the babas meet, party toh banti hai! This picture of Ranveer and Arjun proves they had a gala timeAlso Read: 7 Reality Show Stars Who Completely Disappeared After Their Two Minutes of Fame
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Shah Rukh Khan
SRK is the life of any party he is invited to and is mostly the last person to leave. This picture was clicked outside the Olive Bar in Mumbai many years ago and he clearly had a good time.Also Read: 18 Lesser-Known Siblings Of Bollywood Celebrities Who Decided To Stay Away From Limelight
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Shah Rukh Khan
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Salman Khan
There was a time when Bollywood's Bhaijaan was a heavy drinker. But many years ago he had stopped after being diagnosed for trigeminal neuralgia. This picture was clicked before he took a break.Also ReaD: 12 Scenes From Bollywood Movies Where Characters Realized They Were In Love
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Vidya Balan
The actress is only sniffing a glass of wine or champagne in this picture. However, her eyes and smile make it look like she’s having a fun time at the party. Can you guess if she was actually drinking or just posing?ALso Read: 15 Real Life Partners of Bollywood Actors Who Stay Away From LimelightSource

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