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Adipurush was the grist of the gossip mill even before it had hit the theatres, last week. The movie opened to massive collections on its release day but soon, garnered negative reviews from the critics and the audience.

The highly-anticipated movie saw a catastrophic drop and collected just ₹8.5 crores on the fourth day of its release!

Credits: YouTube

Adipurush which received a warm welcome from the audience, including the bulk bookings by several schools and universities, has now simmered down throughout the nation.

Credits: YouTube

The movie made ₹34 crores, ₹33 crores, ₹34 crores, and ₹8.5 crores in the first four days, respectively – which totals up to 108.5 crores.

Credits: YouTube

For the uninitiated, the audience has been calling the movie out for its terrible visual effects, the wrong representation of the characters, and cringe dialogues.

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