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Here are some of the tasks that are sometimes embarrassing, unpleasant, or bizarre in nature that will make you wonder if this was necessary for participants to do this:

1. Bathing in cow dung

In season seven of Bigg Boss, participants were obliged to bathe in cow dung, and you better believe they did. In this task, Ratan Rajput was the centre of attention because he not only successfully completed the challenge but also looking very comfortable doing this, but at what cost?

Bigg Boss tasks - Bathing in cow dung

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2. Drinking water from the dog’s bowl

During Bigg Boss season 7, Kushal Tandon was told to consume water from the bowl of Heaven, a lovely golden retriever who was confined in the house. Guess the result? He really did it! But he couldn’t resist it and puked soon after. This task seems so rubbish and not funny at all. I don’t know who gives this idea to Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss Humiliating Tasks

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3. Getting chilli paste applied to the skin

During one of the most controversial challenges on the programme, participants were asked to put Chilli paste to one other in an attempt to break the opponent’s patience. While the technique succeeded, it led to numerous meltdowns, including Gautam Gulati, the ultimate winner. I mean, how it’s not a kind of human task. It’s something that can anyone only export from hell.

Bigg Boss worst tasks

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4. Having pee thrown by the other contestant

Swami Om peed in a mug and threw it at Bani J and Rohan Mehra during one of the tasks on season 10 of Bigg Boss. As a result, he was expelled from the house. Though Swami Om’s behaviour is not justifiable, he was eliminated, but the main point is who gave this task? What is the purpose of providing this kind of task? Seriously? Is this funny.

swami om bigg boss

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5. Cutting hair on national television

To some, this might not seem like a huge problem, but to actors whose livelihoods depend on how they appear, it was a major deal! In the 7th season of Bigg Boss, contestant Apoorva Agnihotri was the one who did this. We have to admit that some actors and actresses look glamourous only with long hair, such as Apoorva Agnihotri.

Even his wife and fellow convicts were startled when he shaved his head to help his squad win a mission. Shilpa, on the other hand, did not seem to appreciate the deed. His reputation as a team player was well-known, and in comparison to the other candidates, he was calm and serene. What can we say when he did this of his own will.

apoorva agnihotri bigg boss haircut

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6. To act like a pet dog

In the 9th season of Bigg Boss, participant Rishabh Sinha forced Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Merchant to ‘play fetch’ and react to the names Oscar and Snooky, respectively, in a frustrating task given by Bigg Boss in which Suyyash and Kishwar have to behave like Rishabh’s pet dog. Unsurprisingly, this led to a lot of nasty sobbing and fighting. I think Bigg Boss love fights and especially between friends. That’s why he gave this kind of task to this trio.

Kishwer Merchant Bigg Boss dog

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7. Peeing in pants on live TV

In the 11th season of Bigg Boss, the participant who rode the exercise bike for the longest was crowned as the house captain. Up until this point, everything appeared to be going well, and the work appeared to be straightforward, but when the other criteria were announced, that they must continue to drink water, everyone became enraged. Despite peeing in his trousers, Puneesh Sharma didn’t move from the bike.

I still remember that peeing in pants is one of the most embarrassing memories of our childhood. But can you imagine the embarrassment’s intensity when any adult peed in their pants and that too on live TV? At last, TRP matters.

Bigg Boss Weird task

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8. Chopping off hair, eating 20 chillies

In the 13th season of Bigg BossBigg Boss orders contestant Arti Singh to shave her head and eat 20 chillies. The saddest thing is that despite all of her efforts, she was unable to win the task. I feel so pity for her.

Bigg Boss bizarre tasks

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9. Having a mixture of cow dung and mud applied to the body

A task on Bigg Boss 13 required participants to be divided into two teams: doctors and patients. The doctors needed to torment victims in order to remove them from the operating table. Paras Chhabra went too far when he put a mud-cow dung combination to Siddharth Shukla’s body. How can Siddharth even tolerate this.

bigg boss cow dung and mud apply to body

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10. Having body and face slathered with spray and foam

As seen in season 14, by respecting the order of Bigg Boss, the participants put shaving cream and essentially whatever else they could find to put on their opponents’ faces. Seems funny? But things quickly get nasty because Bigg Boss only wants drama and not a friendly Holi playing ceremony.

That’s why he says that use whatever you have. Poor contestants! They had to do everything in order to win a mere title and prize money.

Bigg Boss weird tasks
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