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It’s no secret that Bollywood cinema has taken off all over the world. Bollywood is a multi-million dollar industry that rules millions of hearts. That’s why Bollywood celebrities enjoy a huge fan following both online and offline from all over the world, especially in the Indian subcontinent.

Bollywood movies have a huge effect on Indian culture. People want to be like their favourite celebrities, and the lifestyles of Bollywood celebrities are constantly monitored.

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Fans from all around the world give their celebrities sincere messages via social media and presents. But the real tragedy is that not only do our superstars have really tight security, but they’re also not very accessible to regular people like you and me. As a consequence, we can’t help but can live by imagining them as our soulmates in our imagination.

But imagine meeting your favourite celebrity, your role model, someone you’ve been following since you were a child.

Yes, that’s not exactly impossible. There have been occasions when these Bollywood celebs had a face-to-face meeting with their fans. And when you met with them, it is obvious that you are who are interested in more than just a selfie and an autograph.

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So, we looked about it and came up with a list of such experiences for you. Some of them are, in fact, quite unexpected.

1. “Met SRK when I was 3, told him his movie was rubbish. He didn’t know what to say. Met Dhoni at the airport as well, got his autograph. He seemed chill.”

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2. “Rakhi Sawant – Idk if you count her as a celebrity. But, if you do, then read ahead. You see her on the screen, and she is bitchy, right? Multiply that by 10, that’s how she is in real life.” Find the answer here: Reddit

rakhi sawant Life

3. “Sunny Leone – Happened to be part of the organizing team when she was visiting my city. Oh boy, I haven’t seen a bigger bitch in my entire life. The sweet girl image that she tries to portray is just that… an image. After having her checked into a 5-star hotel, she complains about the view from the balcony being bad.”

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sunny leone x
Sunny Leone/Instagram

4. “Kareena Kapoor. Saw her at an airport a long time back. Actresses are almost unidentifiable if they aren’t wearing makeup.”

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kareena kapoor bold statements

5. “Anupam Kher – At a 5* hotel in Chandigarh at a friend’s wedding, Anupam was at the hotel coincidentally. I came across him in the lobby. His father had expired recently, so I didn’t want to ask for a pic/autograph but, friends asked for a photo, and he obliged and left. Didn’t smile and all, understandable.”

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Best Theater Actors in Bollywood Anupam Kher
DNA India

6. “I was at Globus Theatre in Bandra watching The Artist. Mandira Bedi comes and sits next to me. I didn’t know what to do. So I just tweeted a ‘hi’ to her and that I’m sitting next to her. After the movie, we were in the elevator together as well. She checked her Twitter only in her car though. She replied and asked me what I thought of the movie. So yes, I don’t know if this counts as “meeting” her.”

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Mandira Bedi Hot
Mandira Bedi/Instagram

7. Ajay Devgun- “Bombay airport, we (Wife and twin daughters 5YO) were waiting for our international connection. I spotted him strolling around in front of a restaurant/cafe, pointed him to my wife (she loves Hindi Music). She said, hey, we should take a pic of him with our girls. I reluctantly walked over to him and politely asked if I could take a pic of him with my toddlers. He refuses, & points me to a board that says ‘No Photography’ which I had not noticed before.”

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Ajau Devgan Facts
Ajay Devgn/Instagram

8. “Met Deepika Padukone at Bangalore airport. She is so tall. I came up to her neck. In my defense, she was wearing heels.”

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Deepika Padukone’s baby plans
Deepika Padukone/Instagram

9. “Nawazuddin Siddiqui (of GoW and Lunch box fame) was sitting alongside me in a flight once, and spoke quite a lot since it was a 16-hour long flight. Very humble and down-to-earth guy.”

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10. “Bumped into Anil Kapoor back when he came to the US almost a decade ago. I was a small child back then and sung part of the “Papa meh papa banghaya” from that one movie with him and Kajal. He was very impressed and squeezed my cheeks and talked to my parents.”

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Anil Kapoor
Anil Kapoor/Instagram

11. “Amitabh at a Taj Hotel party: he was pretty laid back, and we discussed the work of stuntmen in Indian cinema, talked a bit about his injury during the filming of ‘Coolie’, and then he inquired about my future aspirations. We parted ways because some others invited him to their conversation. I left to try and find some other actor/celebrity.”

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Amitabh Bachchan movies

12. “8 year old me was at O’Hare airport in Chicago getting ready to head to India for the first time. A person was standing behind me who was “white”. I asked him “hey, is this your first time heading to India?” He looks down at me and smiles and tells me “yes this is my first time”. I then try to be cool and say ‘India can be scary, hope you have a good journey”. He replies by saying “you will see me around in India {laughs}”. At the counter my parents found out it was Hrithik Roshan. 8 year old me was hella upset that Krissh didn’t even tell me he was Krissh.”

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Hrithik Roshan Hot
Hrithik Roshan/Instagram

13. “Kamal Hassan – Met him while he was shopping for books by Marquis de Sade and any other real-life sado-masochism related books and had a long conversation and helped him out with books. This was while he was shooting for the movie Aalavandhan.”

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Kamal Hassan Life

14. “Rahul Bose – Met him at a cricket match. Very humble, and quite affable. Agreed to have a pic taken with us and chatted a bit about his interest in sports and rugby. However, had red (as in very red) eyes and looked a little lost in his thoughts.”

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rahul bose

15. “I met Shah Rukh Khan at Ooty railway station, during the filming of the Chaiyya Chaiyya song. He seemed pretty cool. Guy smoked at least 3 cigarettes during the 10 minutes I saw him. Looked a bit aged even then.”

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Shah Rukh Khan Business
Shah Rukh Khan/Instagram

16. “Met Aishwarya Rai at the Longines event. She was nice. Isn’t as good-looking as she looked on screen. Chatted with her for 5-10 minutes.”

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan education

17. “I met Shraddha Kapoor at a party in a hotel in Mumbai. She was a close friend of the birthday girl. I went with my cousin. It was a suite and hardly fifteen people were there, but Kapoor was so arrogant and snobbish. I had this perception of her, and she didn’t disappoint.”

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Humble Bollywood actors-Shraddha Kapoor
Shraddha Kapoor/Instagram

18. “I grew up listening to music from Lucky Ali, and I was genuinely a great fan of his songs. I would learn them and sing them every time I got an opportunity. I had a yahoo fan group based on him. And years ago, my father got introduced to lucky Ali, & he told him how much I had loved his music. He invited us to his concert, and I met him backstage after the concert, and it was a fan moment.”

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Lucky Ali fan

19. “Once, I was waiting for some paperwork in the Shrine board’s office while a person entered the room quietly and sat on a chair next to me. The amazing feeling was evident everywhere. While leaving, I requested an autograph, to which he smiled and said, “Gone are days of autographs, photographs are in. Have another one.”

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20. “I was hardly 10 years old when I got a chance to meet the gorgeous Madhuri Dixit. My mamu though not very popular but was a part of Bollywood. Hardly after an hour, his phone rang, and after talking over the phone, he shouted in joy. He asked our mom to change our clothes and keep us ready as Madhuri was visiting his house. She was luckily shooting in a studio near his house and wanted to use the loo because it was quite dirty there.”

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Madhuri dixit fan moment

21. “She was in Jharkhand to shoot for her movie Begum Jaan. My dad is a governor. the officer here and he took me on the sets(even though he was interested to meet her). She looked very humble and polite(apart from being beautiful). It was nice talking to her. She even posed for a pic with all the constables present and said “ that’s the least that we can do for them.”

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Vidya Balan Fan moment

22. “I met Sunil Grover, famously known as Gutthi or Dr. Gulati from Kapil Sharma’s show in Prague, Czech Republic. Since we rarely saw him originally (either I saw him as Gutthi or Gulati!), he was looking a bit different without makeup and all those things. So I went to him and asked “AAP Sunil Grover hai?” (Are u famous Sunil Grover) and he replied very calmly, yes I am. My next question was obviously “can I have a selfie with you?”

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Indian celebrities fan moment - Sunil Grover

23. “Yes, I met The hotshot John Abraham! I shouted in my best voice “Aree yeh to Abraham hai!!” “Hello sir, you are so handsome, I really love you…Can I have a photograph with you? Made my day and left a memory for complete life!

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John Abraham with fan

24. “So I was at fun republic mall, I entered a furniture store to find a good study table. Suddenly I noticed that a tall guy was asking about the price of a sofa, and when he turned around, I found out h’s Ali Fazal. Hi Ali! You rocked in Bang Baaja Baaraat!”

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Fans met Bollywood celebrites - Ali Fazal

25. “Yes, I have met 2 celebrities at the Lakme Fashion show held at Palladium Hotel Mumbai.”

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Bhumi Pednekar with fan
Esha Deol

26. “So, I have met quite a lot of celebrities, all serendipitous and most of the time in airports. Many of my friends wonder how this happens to me, seriously it is just luck!”

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Fan met Prakas Raj
Shankar Mahadevan with fan

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