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1. In 1998, Neena Gupta wrote, directed, and starred in Saans, an incredibly progressive television show about Indian women. She received an award for Best Director at the Kalakar Awards later that year

Source: India TV

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2. ‘Aunty Kisko Bola Be,’ a groovy song from Netflix, starred our forever favourite Neena Gupta in all her strength and glory, breaking all stereotypes. The song criticises the use of the word ‘Aunty,’ which has become a synonym for ‘uncool’ in recent years

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3. Neena Gupta overcame anything like the real bawse she is, from going through her difficult career and relationships to becoming a single mother

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4. Neena Gupta acknowledged the fact that extramarital relationships can be incredibly stressful and confounding without hesitation. She cautioned other women not to make the same mistake she did when she fell in love with a married man

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5. She is a proud single mother who does not give a flying duck to the nonsense people throw at her

Source: Newsable

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6. Neena Gupta, being the stunner that she is, had no qualms about demanding work via her Instagram handle in the most dramatic filmy style ever


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7. With her memoir, Sach Kahun Toh, Neena Gupta is set to give a no-holds-barred account of her personal and professional life, from her childhood days in Karol Bagh and her experience at the National School of Drama to her move to Bombay and her struggles to find work

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8. Neena Gupta, much to the chagrin of our traditional desi aunties, has provided a number of ground-breaking performances in films such as Badhaai Ho, Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan, and Mulk. For her performance in the film Badhaai Ho, she received a well-deserved Filmfare Award


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9. She continually reminds us of the importance of preserving clarity with our partners and being pragmatic while making life’s most important decisions

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10. In the coolest way possible, Neena Gupta addresses the question of ageism in the industry

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11. While you’re trapped inside your home during the lockdown, Neena Gupta has the right gyaan for you to let out your frustrations and alleviate tension

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12. She gives back the perfect pinch of ‘Sass Swaad Anusaar

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13. Neena Gupta is a real goddess in the world of fake extensions and botox, and you can’t deny it

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14. During the lockdown, while other celebrities prepared Aglio-e-olio pasta, our favourite Neena Gupta demonstrated how to make a delectable desi pizza with a chapati

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15. We often see older male actors romancing with younger female actors, but Neena Gupta pointed out Bollywood’s sexist culture of never matching older female actors with younger male actors

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16. Take a look back to when Neena Gupta flaunted her freshly chopped long bob in a summer-ready photo on her Instagram account


To summarise, this is how we feel about this GOLD human:

Source: YouTube

Take notice and do the world a favour by growing up to be exactly like her!

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