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It's always a tough job to rope in actors for a film based on real-life people. Not only do the actors need to ace the nuances and mannerisms, but they also need to look like them in order to add the realism factor that ensures an audience connect.

For instance, while Alia Bhatt did a fabulous job as Gangubai but a lot of people thought Tabu would have taken the role to the next level. A lot of people still say that Priyanka Chopra wasn't an apt choice for the role of Mary Kom, and instead, the filmmaker should have cast a North-East actress. 

Casting the right actor in the right role is an important task in the business of filmmaking, and Christopher Nolan has done a great job with it. Here's a side-by-side comparison of the cast and real-life historical figures to prove the same. 

Side-By-Side Comparison Of Real historical figures VS Reel Oppenheimer Cast

1. Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer

Real VS Reel Oppenheimer cast: Cillian Murphy as J Robert OppenheimerTwitter

Cillian Murphy aced the titular role as Julius Robert Oppenheimer. Did you know to prep-up for the role, he lost significant amount of weight and his diet included only one almond a day? 

2. Emily Blunt as Katherine Oppenheimer

real vs real life oppenheimer cast: Emily Blunt as Katherine OppenheimerTwitter

Emily Blunt did an amazing job as Katherine 'Kitty' Oppenheimer, the wife of Robert who was also a biologist and botanist. While Oppenheimer developed the atomic bomb, she on the other hand collaborated with a physician to assess the danger of its radiation.

3. Matt Damon as Leslie Richard Groves 

Real vs Reel life characters of Oppenheimer - Matt Damon as Leslie Richard Groves Twitter

Matt Damon essayed the role of Leslie Richard Groves, the military officer put in charge of the Manhattan Project and the one who chose Oppenheimer to lead it. 

4. Robert Downey Jr. as Lewis Strauss 

Robert Downey, Jr. as Lewis Strauss Twitter

Robert Downey Jr played the role of American politician Lewis Strauss, who was at loggerheads with Oppenheimer and also the head of the Atomic Energy Commission.

5. Tom Conti as Albert Einstein

Side-By-Side Comparison Of Real VS Reel Oppenheimer Cast: Tom Conti as Albert EinsteinTwitter

Tom Conti portrayed the role of legendary scientist Albert Einstein who often provided advice to Oppenheimer as he lead the project to develop the atomic bomb. 

6. Gary Oldman as President Harry S. Truman

Gary Oldman as President Harry S. Truman - Side-By-Side Comparison Of Real VS Reel Oppenheimer CastTwitter

After the Batman trilogy, Gary Oldman once again collaborated with Christopher Nolan for Oppenheimer. He essayed the role of  President Truman, who ordered the atomic bomb. 

7. Rami Malek as David Hill 

Side-By-Side Comparison Of Real VS Reel Oppenheimer Cast - Rami Malek as David HillTwitter

Rami Malek essayed the role of David Hill, an experimental physicist who was one among 70 other people who signed letter to President Truman urging him against the atomic bomb. 

8. Dylan Arnold as Frank Oppenheimer 

Dylan Arnold as Frank Oppenheimer Twitter

Dylan Arnold essayed the role of Frank Oppenheimer, Robert's brother and a physicist. He played a part in the Manhattan Project. However, his involvement with communism later brought him under scrutiny in the US.  

9. Florence Pugh as Jean Tatlock 

Florence Pugh as Jean Tatlock Twitter

Oppenheimer was also called a womanizer by some. One of his relationships was with Jean Tatlock, who got him in trouble because of her communist beliefs. The role was portrayed by Florence Pugh. 

10. Benny Safdie as Edward Teller 

Benny Safdie as Edward Teller Twitter

Benny Safdie was seen as Edward Teller, who was hailed as the father of the Hydrogen bomb. The Hungarian-American theoretical physicist and an early member of the Manhattan Project later testified against Oppenheimer during his security clearance hearings.

11. Josh Hartnett as Ernest Lawrence

Josh Hartnett as Ernest LawrenceTwitter

Josh Hartnett essayed the role of Ernest Lawrence, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist who was a good friend of Oppenheimer and played a key role in the Manhattan Project. 

12. Kenneth Branagh as Niels Bohr 

Kenneth Branagh as Niels Bohr Twitter

 Kenneth Branagh played the role of Neils Bohr, the man known as quantum physics' most foundational minds. He worked closed with Robert and even supported him as he also believed in scientific progress. 

13. Josh Peck as Kenneth Bainbridge 

osh Peck as Kenneth Bainbridge Twitter

Known for his role as child actor in Nickelodeon show Drake & Josh and later on in Ice Age films, Kenneth Bainbridge played Josh Peck the American physicist at Harvard University who was also the director of the Manhattan Project's Trinity nuclear test.

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