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Actor Varun Dhawan defended his most recent film Bawaal against criticism and questioned why non-Hindi language films aren't subjected to the same moral standards and scrutiny. He also seemed to draw reference to the contentious Bhagavad Gita scene in Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer, though he avoided specifically mentioning the movie. 


On Friday, Bawaal made its Prime Video premiere while Oppenheimer and Barbie fought it out at the box office. The film, which was directed by Nitesh Tiwari, has received negative reviews from critics who object to the way it confounds the horrors of the Holocaust with a couple's dysfunctional marriage.

While a massive part of the audience loved the film also when watched with an open mind.


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In an interview with Pinkvilla, Varun Dhawan said,  "I'm not new to criticism. My films Judwaa, Main Tera Hero, and ABCD2, have been criticized which is totally cool. I respect the criticism. What I don't understand like how Sir (Nitesh Tiwari) said that it's a context and the protagonist is from Lucknow and it's showing that the character, which is Ajju Bhaiya, is initially a tone-deaf character. This is how it has been shown and it's not showing the character as a hero but as a negative. That's why all the praise is coming for the character that a hero for the first time gets to do a negative character. So the character is supposed to be negative. So the way Nisha (Janhvi's character) will explain him in a way that he should understand."


He also added, “Secondly, I respect everyone's opinions and everyone has a right to have an opinion. Some people got triggered and sensitive about this, but I don't understand where that sensitivity or the trigger goes when they watch an English film. They are allowed to do and show everything and you will find that in a correct way."

Nitesh Tiwari Shares His Two Cents On The Controversy 

He told the portal, “We’ve made Bawaal with a lot of love, a lot of care, and a lot of good intentions. And predominantly, it’s been understood the way I wanted people to understand it. And that’s been quite overwhelming. However, I’m a bit disappointed with the way some people have comprehended it. That was never the intention. It would never be my intention to be insensitive in any which way. It was a context," he said.” 


He also explained the reason and idea behind the controversial concept.

He said that the events that Ajju and Nisha's characters observed in Auschwitz had a profound impact on them. They were shown expressing their emotions in response to the captives' suffering, their cruel treatment, and the physical abuse they were subjected to. The director emphasised that the characters' responses were far from insensitive; rather, the heartbreaking things they saw, like the photo gallery and wall of death, moved them to tears.

Janhvi Kapoor claims Israeli descendant of Holocaust victims was ‘very moved’

“I know someone, he’s a professor at an Ivy League university, and he’s an Israeli. He had ancestors that unfortunately did not survive the Holocaust. He saw the film, and was very moved by it. “

You can watch Bawaal on Amazon Prime Video.

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